ProperMAP Geocoding Tools

Map Tools

Locate latitude/longitude, Search zip code (US), Find place name, Find local time, Measure distance, Driving directions, Street view etc.


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ProperMAP Real Estate News

Dialy News Feed and Trends

real-estate news and trends.


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San Francisco Street View and Virtual Driving

Street View and Driving Directions

ProperMAP virtual driving through street view.


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USA Business Listing

Free Business Listing in Google Maps

Use ProperMAP to list and advertise your local business locations.


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ProperMAP Real Estate Connector - Live Property Chat

Real Estate Live Chat

Real Estate Connector connects real estate property buyers to sellers and allows live realty chat.


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ProperMAP Friend Connect

Discuss about ProperMAP

If you have comments and suggestions about ProperMAP, discuss it in ProperMAP Friend Connect.


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How to Sell and Buy Real Estate Property Through Internet and Google Maps

Real Estate Property Listing in ProperMAP

If you are a property owner or agent, you can use ProperMAP to publish your real estate property that are to sell/rent/service, in Google Maps. Real estate property buyers use iSearch to search for and buy such property. More details and help is here. Please follow the steps below to add your real property.


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