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Real Estate Live Chat - Property Chat For Buyers And Sellers

ProperMAP Real Estate Connector is the facility to connect the real-estate property buyers to the sellers in the country. To discuss your real estate issues and to chat with the real estate community in your country, please go to the ProperMAP Real Estate Connector. You can unjoin anytime.

How to Use - ProperMAP Real Estate Connector

  1. Join the country's real estate community with the Google Friend Connect - using one of the Google/Aim/Yahoo/NetLog/OpenID account. Feel free to join, since you can unjoin anytime when you have done. On joining the site, you will get listed in the community box.
  2. If you are a property buyer,
    Put your property requirements in the comments box and wait for the seller community to reply.
  3. If you are a property owner/seller/agent,
    List your property (FREE) in ProperMAP here. Then get your property permalink from there. Put that link in response to the property buyer request in the comments box. Keep your property listed in ProperMAP, so that you can push it at times.
  4. If you need expert advice on your real estate related issues,
    Post your questions in the questions box.
  5. If you want to have a direct live chat,
    Start in the chat box...
  6. Unjoin when you are done.

      You can start here.

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